A payday loan is a cash advance one borrows and pays back on their next payday. Although it is one of the fast and easy ways to receive money in the event of an emergency, you still have to pay it back-even with interest. However, if you plan on taking up a payday loan or have applied for one already, this article will help you know how to check an outstanding payday loan to avoid going above your deadline and how to pay them off.

It is fairly simple to know if there are any unpaid payday loans in your name. The first step is to contact your payday lender and inquire. You must provide personal information, so the lender can say if you owe any outstanding loans.

How to Go About Your Outstanding Payday Loan

The best way to avoid the troubles associated with the accumulation of extra interest and late fees is to pay off your loan as quickly as possible. If you borrowed two or more loans, you should first repay the one with higher interest. This will lighten the burden of thinking about the interest it will accumulate.

Unpaid Payday Loan Can Affect Your Credit

You don’t need to have a good credit score to access a payday loan. This is an advantage to you as lenders don’t need to run a check on your credit before they borrow you a loan.

However, this loan does not increase credit scores if you repay them on time. Also, if you refuse to pay the loan as at when due, the lender may turn you to collectors. This will affect your credit score. It can also stop you from qualifying for loans with smaller interest loans or your capability to shop.

How to Track Your Unpaid Payday Loans

Checking your credit history is generally the most efficient way to locate existing loans, as conventional loans are filed to credit agencies such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Payday loans, on the other hand, work differently than conventional loans because payday loan companies do not typically report existing or late debt to agencies. If a payday loan company sells your existing loan debt, a credit bureau will get a file on that, and it can hurt your credit history and stay for as long as six to ten years.

Most likely, you should have no trouble locating any unpaid payday loan bills since collection agencies and debt collectors are renowned for relentlessly calling troublesome borrowers every time with annoying calls to recover their loan repayments.

How to Clear Your Payday Loan

Clearing off your outstanding payday loan could be troublesome. But, there is good news: some steps you can take to pay off your payday loan are as follows.

  1. Check for Non-profit Credit Advice

A Payday loan is one of the most difficult loans to understand in the finance industry. A credit consultant is a finance specialist whose job is to help you understand all the details and establish a proper plan to pay off the debt.

However, you will certainly not spend so much money on a credit advice service if you have a payday debt. Thankfully, numerous groups provide such financial planning and debt counseling service free of charge.

  1. Request a Salary Advance

Applying for a salary advance might help if there is a proven record and good relationship with your boss. Many firms may provide salary advances to staff who have demonstrated their worth.

Tell your boss the truth of the matter. Make it clear that the earlier you pay off the debt, the lesser the interest you will pay.

Suggest offering to work additional hours that won’t only increase your reputation but also your earnings— particularly if you are paid on an hourly basis.

  1. Work Extra Hours

When you work more than the regular workweek as an hourly employee, you’re eligible for extra pay. You are earning more, and you are earning more each hour, which sums up quickly.

  1. Inquire about Flexible Repayment Plans.

Payday loan companies may not appear friendly, but they need their money to keep their business running. If you contact and inform them you are unable to pay, they might offer you better terms or lower interest rates. Instead of speaking directly with the debt collector, try talking with a supervisor.

Also, inquire about longer payment plans. There may not be any, but it’s never bad to ask. When you enquire, ensure that you speak to some people because payday reps aren’t always very honest.

Make sure you read and comprehend all repayment conditions before you sign it. Because nothing is free, they may have to replace one bad with another. A longer payback time may come at a higher interest rate.

  1. Consider using a Payday Loans Consolidation or Debt Settlement Plan

Consolidation services aim at combining all the payday loans you have into a single repayment plan. This is the most effective way to pay off your outstanding loan, despite numerous frauds. 


Acquiring a payday loan has been easier and faster with the emergence of many companies that offer this service. 

But, before you borrow a payday loan from any lender, you must have a plan on how to pay it off. It is not mature to always wait to get harassing phone calls or get a knock on your door by debt collectors before you pay up your outstanding loan. In conclusion, the best way to find out if you have an outstanding payday loan is to ask your lender.

If, after checking with the lender, you have an outstanding, pay up as soon as possible to reduce the increase in interest rate. Don’t forget to ask for help if you are unable to pay back the loan. 

Thanks for making time to read this article. We hope you found it helpful. Moreover, you can also reach out to Fast Loan CA for any assistnace on your outstanding payday loan.