Our Services

Need quick cash? Trust us to get the money you need. We offer loan connection services whereby you get three different types of loan services through us. Most importantly, all our loan connection services are free to all our customers. Such services include:

Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term loans whose payments are made two or four weeks after borrowing. The process of acquiring these types of loans from us is straightforward. You just need to fill out our online application form, and then we will send it to our reliable lenders for review. If you meet the payday Loan qualification requirements, a loan offer is sent to you, which you ought to accept only if you agree with its contents.
Talking of the requirement of getting a payday loan through us, it’s nothing more than your contact details. For instance, you must be eighteen years of age, have a valid government ID, and have a check statement. Additionally, your income proof and social security numbers are also vital in acquiring payday loans. Indeed, we try to simplify the requirements to make the process fast and inclusive for anyone needing a payday loan.
Further, you will enjoy great customer care service by getting a payday loan through us. We treat our customers respectfully because we believe in a healthy customer relationship. Besides, your privacy is our priority. Thus, all your personal information is safe with us as we try as much as possible to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing it.

Same Day Loans

Same-day loans are types of loan that are given the same day that you get approved for it. These short-term loans come in handy during emergencies or when you need urgent cash. Thus, we thought it wise to make same-day loans part of our services. Just like payday loans, the procedure of getting same-day loans is simple; however, we offer diverse methods to get same-day loans in this case.
The first method is where you walk into our stores and fill out our application form. After that, you will write a check for the number of funds you need from us and your standard fee. The alternative method is where a borrower receives cash on an eligible debit card. In this method, we put funds directly into your debit card. Unlike other lenders, we don’t charge any disburse fee when disbursing the money into your debit card.
Getting same-day loans with as needs you to meet some lending criteria, just like any other lender would demand. However, our requirements are simple and easy to meet. For example, you must be eighteen years old, a UK resident, and have an active UK bank account. In addition, you must be earning a full income.
Moreover, you can get same-day loans through us even with a poor credit score. Unlike other lenders who fail to do so, we are here to serve every customer interested in this loan package regardless of their credit score. Additionally, you don’t need a guarantor when acquiring same-day loans through us.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are short-term financial fixed for borrowers who need to borrow funds but have poor credit scores. Thus, this loan service is ideal for people who need quick loans but have a poor credit history.
Acquiring bad credit loans through us is fast and simple, just like other short-term loans. The process does not require any paperwork, but all you need is to fill out an online application form. Then our lenders will examine your credit history to know how much they will lend you. Thus you don’t have to worry much because we will give you funds equivalent to your credit history.
You should also note that we offer these loans with fixed rates repaid in installments over time. Hence if you qualify for bad credit loans, we urge you to check the contents of the loan offer before accepting.
If you agree with the loan offer contents, let us know by accepting. After that, our lender will release the funds to your bank account as soon as possible. The good thing is we don’t offer high interest when borrowing bad credit loans with us. So, making repayments will be easier for you.
Similarly, borrowing bad credit loans through us doesn’t demand many qualification requirements. Only a few criteria to meet to borrow with us. For example, you must be eighteen years of age, have income proof, and have valid identification.
Further, borrowing bad credit loans through us is a good decision because we care about our borrowers. We are friendly and welcoming because we believe in creating strong bonds with our customers. Additionally, we protect your personal information from outsiders, so you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your personal data.