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We are a leading source of payday loans in California, making it easy and safe to acquire the money you need when you need it. In addition to a valid government-issued form of identification and contact details, we also need to see your SSN, a recent bank statement, and evidence of income. After you have provided these details while filling out the form, choose your desired prices and await approval.

We recommend that everyone who uses the website reads this Terms and Conditions page. Using the site and its services in the future or providing personal information shows that you have read and understood this agreement.

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As one of California’s most reputable payday loan companies, we provide a safe and straightforward approach for obtaining your loan quickly. State restrictions determine loan amounts, and we determine whether to accept your request since the company doesn’t make credit determinations. We establish loan conditions and amounts and make case-by-case choices considering several aspects. The organization can’t promise that a lender will accept your loan request, and we cannot guarantee that we will grant you your preferred loan amount or on your conditions. 

If you have questions regarding a loan offer or short-term financing services, seek expert help. This finance is pricey and only applicable for limited periods under fair circumstances. Using the site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and any governing agreements. 

You must register on the site’s online form before using our services. We will ask for your personal, professional, contact, and financial details. This contains SSN and financial details. This information helps with making the appropriate decision regarding your loan application. We may accept your loan request and provide a product that meets your demands. The company must disclose your information. Our Privacy Policy governs how we collect, store, disclose, and utilize your information.

When you enter your personal data, you indicate that you’ve read, understood, and agree to the above policies and this Terms and Conditions page. When you provide your information on the site, you request our financing service, and We will match you with Us. We may contact you by mail, phone, email, and other means. We may provide financial goods you’ve indicated an interest in when contacted. Moreover, we may share certain of your personal data (except SSN and banking info) with third-party marketers. Your lender may share your information with third-party marketers so that you might get additional financial product offers.

Third-party lenders may use your SSN and other personal data to verify your credit. Lenders might use the findings of these inspections to evaluate your financial services and products.

The company can’t guarantee loans that meet your needs, and we can’t discuss third-party lenders’ services and credit packages. You must contact your provider directly for financial services, goods, or transactions.

Ownership and Authorized Use

This Terms & Conditions Agreement and other regulations govern site usage. Copyright protects the website’s content, and we prohibit unauthorized use, duplication, and distribution of the website. By breaking our rules, you risk legal action and cannot use our website material commercially.

Intellectual Property

Users may make one copy of any information posted on this site for their personal use. Still, they may not reproduce, republish, or store any data in any way, including digital reproduction, without the explicit written consent of Fast Loans CA, which owns the rights and material on this site and is protected by copyright laws.

Any unauthorized use of the materials on this site, including downloading, republishing, modifying, or copying, may infringe common law rights and result in legal action. By using this website, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk and that Fast Loans CA assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from your use of the material provided there.


The company’s website and all services are subject to availability. After reading the Terms of Service, users may use them at their own risk. The company provides no service or product assurances. All site services and products might change without notice. The company cannot guarantee that its products will meet all your requirements or that they will be secure, consistent, or error-free. Company technology, including software, may be flawed. If so, the firm will fix them. The company cannot guarantee the accuracy or security of third-party websites, resources, or software. Thus, the company is not liable for third-party difficulties or faults. The company hasn’t checked the third-party lender connections or other site linkages. The user must visit these links and accept or reject the services provided. Follow third-party links at your own risk. This won’t result in any losses for the company.


The company is not liable for any indirect, incidental, direct, or other damage or loss caused by your site use and third-party service lenders who may be matched upon request. The company’s responsibility for any loss or damage you incur from the website is limited to the price you paid to use or access it.

Some countries don’t allow the exclusion of consequential or incidental damages. In such instances, our company’s responsibility shall be limited by law.

Privacy Policy and Marketing

When you share your information with the site, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy, which say that the company can use and share your information for marketing purposes. Your data may be used to provide you with the best products and services. Contact us if you want your information removed from our database. 


Existing clients may sometimes be unable to access all or certain parts of our website. If following our policies, we provide you with a special user ID and password for security reasons. You must treat this information as a secret and never share it with anyone else. We reserve the right to remove your special access codes or username if we have cause to believe they have been misused or if we discover that they have been misused.


Any issue immediately arising from site use (or any site service) is subject to state law, the state that approves or licenses the company’s commercial operations or services. All disputes must be lawfully filed by presenting an official complaint for arbitration to the competent institution or organization that decides such matters following current federal and state statutes and norms. All disagreements between the company and the user must be arbitrated under this document’s rules. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Use, you forfeit your right to represent yourself in court with legal counsel (or alone). You refuse your right to join company class actions.


This Terms and Conditions page contains the whole agreement between the company and the site user. Thus, they are the basis for regulating the parties’ relationship. This agreement replaces all earlier notifications and information. In case of temporary breaches or discrimination, the whole agreement remains in effect. The conditions you’ve marked in the contract will remain as is and won’t be changed without you receiving a notification first.


The company may update and revise this document without notice. All revisions and updates take effect immediately after the company publishes the document online unless a later date is specified. When information is updated, the document’s effective date is revised. We recommend that site users regularly verify this document’s and other legal documents’ effective dates. According to the Privacy Policy, we may inform website users of document changes through email and other means.


If any of this document’s provisions are outdated, illegal, or violate associated rules, they shall be terminated. The remaining terms will be enforced. If the company doesn’t enforce any of this agreement’s terms, this doesn’t revoke its rights or waive the document’s other sections.

The company may prohibit or terminate your site access if you violate its terms and regulations or applicable laws. You may cancel the agreement anytime by stopping site use, but the provisions will still stand.


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